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    DJ Dials & 1015 Folsom present
    TYCHO DJ Set
    For nearly a decade, Tycho has been known as the musical alias of Scott Hansen, but with the release of Awake – his second LP for Ghostly International – the solo project has evolved into a three-piece band. Reaching an entire new realm of sonic possibilities this time out, Awake is situated in the present, reaching Hansen’s vision of Tycho like never before. “This is, in many ways, the first true Tycho record.”

    Following 2011’s Dive LP, the San Francisco, California based designer toured extensively, accompanied by a full band on stage, his sound coalesced into a percussive, organic whole. Zac Brown (guitars, bass) continued to join Scott on the road, but it was the particular addition of Rory O’Connor’s live drumming that ultimately sent Hansen back to the studio with a more precise vision for what the future of what Tycho could be. “After the tour, I decided that I wanted to capture the more energetic, driven sound of the live show on the next album,” Hansen recalls. Bringing musicians into Tycho’s creative process was a step towards expanding his own songwriting and advancing the project beyond its current incarnation.

    In a cabin near Lake Tahoe last winter, Hansen and Brown began fleshing out the structure of the new record, but it wasn’t until they set up shop in the hills of Santa Cruz with O’Connor that it all fell into place. “It crystallized the vision of how the drums would come to the forefront on this record,” says Hansen. The sound was much more stripped-down and concise with live instruments coming to the forefront. Perhaps it was leading up to this all along, songs like “Montana” and “Awake” perfectly exemplify Tycho’s new, amped up, sound – unique to the group effort poured into the songs on the new record – while “See” and “Dye” echo ideas from previous works but with a clear with a view to the future. Working with Count Eldridge, who also engineered Dive, the team could fixate on the pulses that Tycho might have previously layered under synthesizers and exhume them with distinct bass and guitar patterns. Together they bridge an ethereal middle ground between old memories and new experiences, “While I grew up in California, I spent a lot of time as a kid in places like Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and Montana,” says Hansen, ”I got back in touch with those areas over the past few years and they inspired me a great deal.” Hansen went on to build those images into the foundation behind the artwork for Awake, “I created the cover art to be a symbol, or a flag, to represent this fictional region comprised of idealized elements of all these western states.”

    Also known for his design work as ISO50, Hansen’s visual and sonic efforts have dovetailed throughout the course of his career. “This is the first time in my life I’ve dropped everything to focus on one artistic pursuit,” notes Hansen. Previous Tycho releases came to fruition from Hansen’s delicate solo approach to constructing a song, tweaking each peak and valley, but ‘Awake’ is three like-minded people coming together where music becomes the sole purpose and true expression becomes the result.
  • Feb
    DJ Dials & 1015 Folsom present
    Hailing from Paris, France, Tchami is no stranger to the dance music industry. Rewind to last July, Tchami’s remix of Janet Jackson’s “Go Deep” became an instant over night hit! With much critical acclaim, he soon followed up with his first original production “Promesses” with Kaleem Taylor via Fool’s Gold Records. It was not too long after “Promesses” that Tchami released “Shot Caller” under the same EP for Fool’s Gold Clubhouse. From then on, Tchami subsequently released his remixes of AlunaGeorge’s “You Know You Like It,” Oliver’s “MYB,” and “Turn it up” by fellow Parisian producer/DJ, Mercer. Having gained the support from some of today’s top DJs such as A-Trak, Nick Catchdubs, Dillon Francis and Skrillex, Tchami’s career is already off to a great start!
    Tchami’s accomplishments have not gone unnoticed, as NYC/LA based booking company AM Only added the future house phenom to their roster and Vice listed him as one of their “30 DJs to Watch in 2014”. In the rightful hands of AM Only, you will be sure to see Tchami’s name across the states as he sets on tour. Already set to perform this coming March during Hard Miami, alongside Boys Noize, What So Not, Zed’s Dead and RL Grime just to name a few, Tchami is ready to conquer the states one performance at a time with his self-described “soundtrack of the deepest moments of your life.”
  • Feb
    Jukely, DJ Dials & 1015 Folsom present THE LONELY HEARTS CLUB
    STWO is a producer from Paris, France. Only starting to release tracks in 2013, he has grabbed the attention of millions of fans with his most recent EP ‘Beyond’ featuring “Lovin U”, and his debut EP ‘Moans’.

    Signed to label Huh What & Where alongside the likes of Kaytranada, his musical style of smooth future garage bass lines, soulfully pitched vocals and 808-inspired beats places him perfectly in the majestic bass movement du jour.

    Watch out for STWO as he plans to take his innovative production and exciting performance to fans all over the world.
  • Feb
    DJ Dials & 1015 Folsom present
    Born in Texas, raised in Chicago, vetted in Miami, smoked out in San Francisco, been around the world now committed to the game in Los Angeles. DJ producer songwriter badman flame spitter.
  • Feb
    an-ten-nae, Raindance, & 1015 Folsom present
    CHINESE NEW YEAR 2015 ft
    DIMOND SAINTS (live)
    Emerging from his own distinct corner of the West Coast electronic music scene, Random Rab offers a powerful and unique contribution to sonic exploration. Often referred to as “The Master of Emotion” his music is patently beautiful and melodic. With diverse influences ranging from trip-hop, classical and Arabic to bass driven compositions, his songs are considered anthemic and timeless. As a multi-instrumentalist and singer, his tracks are organic, uplifting and stand on their own as a distinct genre. Listeners of all types of music can find something they can relate to in this sound. He has toured extensively across North America, including tours with Bassnectar, Shpongle, Beats Antique and headlined several festivals across the country.

    There is no doubt that Rab understands a multitude of musical styles. He has been the front man of a heavy metal band, toured as a classical trumpet player, played bass in a country music band, was a scratch DJ for a jazz fusion project, was the singer for a rock band in Mexico and has collaborated with countless musicians of all styles. From acoustic performances in the Himalayas to rocking packed clubs in New York, Random Rab has found a way to connect with people of all kinds.

    With a dedicated fanbase born from the San Francisco underground, Random Rab has become a Burning Man legend known for his sunrise sets that have now become one of his most sought after performances. His current popularity can often be traced to his breakout album, The Elucidation of Sorrow.. This album firmly established him as a recognizable force in the electronic music scene. His 4th album aRose, catapulted him into the state of momentum that is now taking hold internationally. His latest studio effort, Visurreal debuted in the iTunes Top 10 Electronic Charts as well as in the CMJ RPM Top 5 with several #1′s on radio stations across the country.

    Sometimes performing solo and at other times featuring collaborative musicians, the live experience is focused on a high quality translation of sound that is simultaneously sexy and psychedelic.
  • Feb
    Noise Pop 2015 & 1015 Folsom present
    Slow Magic is the sound made by an unknown imaginary friend.