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    Stamina XL & 1015 Folsom present
    SPOR (aka FEED ME)
    Jon Gooch obtained the name Spor after an authentication of particular IP identities. After a successful partnership with Renegade Hardware and Barcode Recordings, and releases with Teebee’s Subtitles Recordings, in 2006, Spor and long-term friend Chris Renegade launched Lifted Music and signed music from producers such as Apex, Evol Intent and Ewun & Phace.

    On May 22, 2013 Gooch released a series of statements on his Twitter informing his fans that come Autumn, there will be a hiatus in his DJing. He explained to his fans, ‘What I really love doing is making music, art, telling stories, being creative. I don’t want a situation where this becomes a back seat.’ He later tweeted, ‘Seems common to assume writing music means wanting to DJ – I started by accident? It’s a fun and enriching social experience but not art.’ He later confirmed via Facebook that he will resume touring in 2014 after he has spent time creating a short film featuring Feed Me, established his own label, working on artwork for his shows, and writing his next studio album.

    Gooch has founded the record label Sotto Voce to release music under the Feed Me alias as well as provide a platform for new, aspiring artists to release their music. His debut studio album Calamari Tuesday was released on October 14, 2013 through the new label featuring 15 original tracks from his alias Feed Me, two of which were previously released as singles. It was revealed in an interview with DJ Mag that Gooch will release albums under each of his Spor, Feed Me and Seventh Stitch aliases.
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    Dream Quest Media Group, We Nightlife, Social SF, Ankh Marketing, & 1015 Folsom present
    Cameron Giles, better known worldwide as the Grammy-nominated, multiplatinum-selling rapper Cam’ron, is one of the few artists in hip-hop who has managed to remain relevant for nearly as long as the music has existed. Born and raised in Harlem, Cam’ron epitomizes the unmatched entrepreneurial spirit of the neighborhood between the 110th and 155th blocks of Upper Manhattan, having successfully tackled the roles of hip-hop artist, director, actor, screenwriter, designer, and entrepreneur with finesse. He is the de facto leader and founding member of The Diplomats, arguably one of the most influential crews in hip-hop, that has left an indelible mark on the style, language, and swagger of both New York City and hip-hop culture.

    Cam’ron is undoubtedly one of the greatest anti-heroes in hip-hop: he’s the man who spawned a thousand memes, drove an unmistakable “Laffy Taffy” Range Rover, wore head-to-toe pink mink in the 2002 Mercedes Benz NY Fashion Week, told Anderson Cooper he wouldn’t snitch on a hypothetical serial killer neighbor, humiliated Bill O’Reilly on his own show, closed out Mark McNairy's runway show wearing custom Dipset capes, and whose face unofficially re-appropriated on everything from orthopedic shoes to Valentine’s Day cards. Cam’ron is truly one of a kind, a paradoxical living legend in pop culture whose point of view as hysterical as it is harrowing and accessible as it is absurd. Unapologetic and unstoppable, Killa Cam is back with a vengeance.
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    Redeye, DJ Dials, Eye Heart SF & 1015 Folsom present
    The Sacramento born and bred producers (and brothers) have created an eclectic sound that stems from their early roots producing for bay area rappers. Now finding their niche somewhere between aggressive trap beats to chilled downtempo anthems (Stay High). Performing for the first time together this past March, Hippie Sabotage plans to roll with it during their first run of shows.

    “Wherever the people want us to be is where we’ll show up. It’s kinda the mantra of 2015.” –Hippie Sabotage

    On Friday July 24th Hippie Sabotage will be headlining a stacked lineup alongside Louis Futon, Gravez, and more.
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    DJ Dials, Redeye, & 1015 Folsom present
    For Djemba Djemba, versatility is king. From bass pow- ered festival bangers to mass-appealing future pop to intelligent headphone music, Djemba’s main focus is to create truly authentic, and refreshingly unexpected music that defies classification. His ever-changing solo work, extensive collaborations, and thoughtful curation has made him something of an Internet legend among fans, tastemakers, and major labels alike. In the last year alone, Djemba’s diverse productions have brought songs with big names such as Diplo, Justin Beiber, The Weeknd,
    Chris Brown, Tiga, Sia, Katy Perry, and Britney Spears; as well as underground heroes such as Obey City, RL Grime, London Future, Trippy Turtle, Hoodboi, and Mr. Carmack. He has also assumed the role of curator helping to promote a new generation of undiscovered artists from the internet and producer crew TeamSupreme. Since his notable Boilerroom performance, Djemba has also earned his keep as a unique DJ who has headlined tours in the US, Canada, and Australia and played festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Snowglobe, and Hard Summer.
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    DreamQuest Media, WeNightlife, Ankh Marketing, SocialSF, & 1015 Folsom present
    “Being out in front of people and just being ‘The Man’” might sound like a vague and ridiculous dream to have, but for Cameron Thomaz it might be the most appropriate thought to cross any mind. Better known as Wiz Khalifa, the son of two military parents has always had his eye on being a new standard by which cool is measured. Rapping since the third grade and starting to record music at 14 was probably a step in the right direction.