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Envision, 1015, and Anon Events Present:


An Official Envision Festival Fundraiser



Dragonfly - Jillian Ann - Drumspyder
Neptune - Lux Moderna - Zack Darling
Feral - Mashimon


Performances by members of
Metamorphosis - Holistic Hooping
Seraphim - Featherpistol


Live Painting & Visionary Gallery
Tribe 13 and Art Mobile Us
Tea Lounge - Deco Dreams
Yum Sauce Lounge
Live Visuals by Jonathan Singer


10P-4A / $15 / 21+ ONLY





Gladkill - A Moment of Clarity
28,642 views on YouTube

Gladkill - Just A Thought [HD]
35,364 views on YouTube

Andreilien - Dub Iteration
6,648 views on YouTube

Andreilien - Dreamonoid -
2,011 views on YouTube

B.K. - Sugarpill (Original Mix)
7,388 views on YouTube

Nominus - Paradox Tickle
424 views on YouTube
Gladkill on Facebook
Gladkill on Soundcloud


Haunting melody, beautiful drums, Mesmerizing bass, complexity, yet simplicity. I strive for emotion through music. Silence is my canvas. Digital synthesis combined with Analog instruments. Follow, listen, enjoy, share.


Boris Gladkikh aka Gladkill has been on a meteoric rise in the electronic music scene since he first began playing live in 2009. Through his tremendous work ethic and tireless touring schedule, Gladkill has already played for massive audiences on the stages of large-scale music festivals such as Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, Earthdance and Burning Man, winning over new fans with every stop.


Originally hailing from NYC, Gladkill now resides in Los Angeles and is part of Headtron, where the versatile young producer’s music fits perfectly alongside the other talented artists that make up the collective. Refusing to stick to the comfort of making one style of music, Gladkill has rewarded audiences through the sheer diversity of his songs, as he deftly moves between dominating dance floors with his sexy, crunked-out club bangers, as well as captivating home stereo speakers with more downtempo and melodic material.


Following up on the success of 2010’s Ghostwork and 2011’s Lovelost, he has continued to hone his production skills by consistently creating fresh original material for his genre-smashing live sets, which will culminate with his debut artist album due in 2012. With a heavier emphasis on songwriting and song structure, Gladkill is aiming to make music that will stand the test of time.


When you listen to Gladkill’s songs or see him perform, you’ll discover an artist set apart between the sheets of cool bass lines and ethereal melodies. In an era where disposable dance music is big business, Gladkill makes anything but.
Andreilien on Facebook
Andreilien on Soundcloud


Far far away in deep auditory space, Heyoka has been abducted, cosmically mind probed, upgraded and reconfigured in an extra terestrial lab on a planet known as Marklar. Fortunately he has returned almost entirely unharmed, and now shall be known as the artist currently know as Andreilien….


Andrei Olenev first emerged as HEYOKA on the San Francisco underground glitch/bass scene in 2006. By 2009 he was touring extensively and quickly became a staple sound in the rapidly growing bass music scene of North America. With a constantly evolving, original style, he stood out amongst bass music producers as one who keeps the vibe going strong while venturing to explore new realms of sonic experience. Playing always live sets of his own original tracks, his music has been described as a journey through fractal soundscapes and alternate realms while riding the waves of fat glitch beats and earth rumbling sub bass.


Andrei has brought his signature sound to North American festivals including: Symbiosis, Sonic Bloom, Raindance, Lightning in a bottle, Big Bounce, Alchemeyez, and large Burning Man sound camps such as Nexus, El circo, Temple of Boom, Entheon Village, Roots Society and Fractal Nation. He has also played several international electronic music festivals such as Shambhala (Canada), Boom (Portugal), Earthfreq and Winter solstice (Australia), and Luminate (New Zealand). He frequently tours nightclubs and concert venues through the States and Canada, as well as internationally in Australia, New Zealand and Russia.


As Heyoka, Andrei released his first ep in 2008, and by 2011 had produced over six albums through San Francisco’s Muti Music, a leader in the glitch hop and bass music scene. In “Dub Iteration,” Andrei’s newest album and first official release as Andreilien, he revisits the dubby vibe of some of the earlier Heyoka releases with a newer fatter twist.


Further expanding artistic horizons, Andrei has been continually working to develop a multimedia project with original Visionary and 3D art to create full sensory fractal journey in a dimension of its own.


So, for a sonic journey so thick you can smell it, keep listening to signals from beyond for Andreilien playing in a noosphere near you…
Sugarpill on Facebook
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Specializing in bouncing bass, sideways beats and experiments of noise, Sugarpill is a master of both the creation and delivery of polytemponic glitch. Residing in Los Angeles yet living in a twisted world of sound, this young artist stays dosed to the eyelids in chopped-up samples, meticulously tweaked beats and obese waves of bass.
Sugarpill seamlessly merges his techy sensibility and immaculate production skills without ever losing the inherent sexiness of the beats, and this multidimensional musical approach unites EDM fans across a vast spectrum of genres and tempos. His original tracks combined with explosive live DJ sets confirm for the producer a powerful spot at the forefront of West Coast future sound. Crossing genres effortlessly and employing a rich variety of styles, his lively and intense sound is best described as a party- and that is exactly what Sugarpill brings to the dance floor.
Not only a producer and DJ but also a writer, blogger, teacher and radio host, Sugarpill’s thick talents serve his many musical endeavors well. As cofounder of and contributor to Able-, Sugarpill uses his knowledge of the wildly diverse software not only to pro- pel his own musical career, but to help aspiring producers develop their skills as well. Along with bass compatriot Stutterfly, Sugarpill also runs the popular Polybeat Plant radio show on GlitchFM, airing every Thursday night from 6-8PM PST and broadcasted around the world into earholes hungry for glitchy goodness.
Dedication to his craft, backed up by mad skills, has created a buzz around Sugarpill in the online underground, with the producer winning praise on music blogs such as Afromonk, Doktor Krank, Chrome Kids, Creative Loafing, Circuitree Records, Catalog Records and DanceFever5000. Having played alongside RD, Tom Burbank, Spank Rock, Eprom and Robot Koch, Sugarpill will no doubt continue to push electronic music forward towards the next new genre that no one will be able to name.
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Driven by over a decade of drum and percussion performance, and inspired by soundsystem culture, the influences of nominus shine through in his music with their deep roots in rhythm, bass, and funk. A nomadic San Franciscan, nominus has been involved with music since the age of 13 and has played in several live electronica projects in the Bay Area. nominus is now focusing his creativity on a diverse and unique style of electronic music which integrates anything that tickles the ear. Make sure to catch his live performances where he will deliver his special brand of genre-defying full frequency audio.....