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ABOUT 1015

For over 30+ years, the center of San Francisco’s nightlife begins at 1015 Folsom.  A venue that truly represents the values of the city it inhabits — inclusive, diverse, and progressive — San Francisco’s largest 21+ venue has thrived for decades thanks to its dedication to adventurous programming & experiences.
Beginning in the 90’s, 1015 Folsom was one of the only nightclubs outside of New York and Chicago that featured electronic music; its legendary weeklies Spundae and Release jumpstarted the careers of Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, and Carl Cox while the notorious Gus Presents massives served as a playground for SF’s creative & flamboyant personalities.
More recently, a snapshot into 1015’s regular programming features genre-defining personalities & musicians ranging from LCD Soundsystem to Dave Chappelle to Virgil Abloh to Maceo Plex.
The vast 20,000 square foot space houses 5x separate rooms across 3x distinct levels—allowing for events of virtually every size and scale.  Its proximity to downtown and SF’s Moscone Center has made it a favorite venue for clients like Google, Salesforce, Zynga, and Microsoft.
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All events are 21 & Over. Attendees must provide a valid government ID or passport.


No presale tickets will be redeemed after 1:30AM. Please arrive BEFORE 1:30AM if you bought a presale ticket.


Refunds are only available in the event of a reschedule or cancellation. No exchanges.

1015 is conveniently located in the heart of San Francisco’s SOMA district. Parking is generally available on nearby streets and alleys.

Respect our neighbors and please be quiet when coming and going from your car. Don’t leave valuables in your car and pay attention to the street cleaning signs so you don’t get a parking ticket.

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ADA Compliance

Please email our General Manager in charge of ADA compliance if you have any questions or need information:

Josh Klazy


1015 Folsom, affectionately known as simply “1015,” has long been a staple in San Francisco’s vibrant nightlife and music scene. Originally opening its doors in the 1980s, it has since earned a reputation as a premier destination for dance music enthusiasts.

Das Klub, as it was initially known, played a significant role in shaping the club’s identity. Catering to an diverse crowd, it introduced many to the thrill and camaraderie of club culture, laying the groundwork for what would eventually become a legendary dance music venue. As Das Klub evolved into 1015, it continued to champion innovative music, welcoming new genres and sounds that were just beginning to gain traction.

The venue’s unique architecture, encompassing five distinct rooms spread over multiple levels, including a vast main room and mezzanine area, provides a multi-dimensional experience that both DJs and club-goers have come to love. This diversity of space has helped secure its reputation as a pioneer in club culture, matched by its visionary light shows and world-class sound systems.

1015’s legacy also extends to its crucial role in San Francisco’s 90s rave scene, which led to it becoming synonymous with the city’s thriving underground culture. Despite the challenges posed by the digital age and San Francisco’s changing cultural dynamics, 1015 has managed to retain its relevance, integrating new technologies and trends while remaining faithful to its origins.

In the present day, 1015 Folsom stands as more than just a nightclub. It is a living testament to the evolution of dance music culture and the city’s persistent passion for it.

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